Border Collie Kennel

Dogs have always been our passion. In our kennel, we put great importance on the health and proper predispositions of our future puppies. We take care of their proper upbringing, socialization and diet. We believe that passion and meticulousness is the key to improve the future Border Collie generations. Meet and fall in love with our Zoe and her babies ❤️.

  • Our Border Collies

    We select future parents so that our puppies are versatile and can perform in disciplines such as • Agility • Frisbee • Obidience • Herding

  • Health

    It is very important for us to do examinations so that each of the parents in our kennel was comprehensively examined and fully healthy

  • Our puppies' and dogs' diet

    In the interest of health and proper growth of our dogs, including puppies, in our kennel we use a balanced B.A.R.F. diet enriched with necessary supplements.

Get to know Zoe

Zoe is a beautifully presented female dog from Czech lines and is closest to the show-utility type - vers. Thanks to that, she performs very well in sports and in all kinds of physical activities, while at the same time she is not inferior in beauty to typical show dogs.
She is a slim and athletic dog, who loves running on the Agility course, catching Frisbee and doing everything with her handler. Since she was a puppy she has been learning incredibly fast and we had all the basic commands mastered almost immediately.

Despite her unusual beauty, she is very fast, agile and she loves working with people. She is a obedient, polite dog who loves contact with other people, especially children, with who she behaves very gently. As soon as we start any activity, the dog changes beyond recognition. Zoe turns on "work mode", becomes completely focused and does everything to please the owner and fully meet his expectations.

She is a great travel companion, not afraid of long hours in a car or other means of transport, she can quickly adapt to the environment. Every trip, walk, or even going to a restaurant with Zoe is a pleasure for us. She is a brave dog, gets along with other dogs well, perfectly recognizes their warning signs and reacting appropriately. She instinctively calms conflicts both between people and other dogs. Due to the fact that she is an intelligent dog, she has learned to deal with people in a very canny way - if you don't know her well, you can easily succumb to her charm and let her walk all over You :).

  • Date of birth: 20.01.2019

  • Coat colour: tricolor

  • Height: 51 cm

  • Weight: 15 kg



Health results





To see Zoe's three generation Pedigree click here.

Zoe (Flexi Team Snow White) and her family come from kennels associated with FCI / ZKwP. ZKwP is the oldest polish kennel organization associating lovers and enthusiasts pedigreed dogs. It is the only Polish organization being an FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) member.

Zoe’s health results

Zoe has been fully examined. She is a picture of health and has received excellent genetic, dysplasia and eye test results.

Genetics tests results X-Ray
Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) Clear Hip score HD A/A
Glaucoma and goniodysgenesis (GG) Clear Elbow score ED 0/0
Imerslund-Gräsbeck syndrome (IGS) Clear Shoulders OCD Free
Ivermectin hypersensibility (MDR1) Clear Eyes clinical tests
Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) Clear Gonioscopy Clear
Sensory neuropathy (SN) Clear Eyes Clear
Trapped neutrophil syndrome (TNS) Clear Ophtalmology Examination Certificate Clear
Raine syndrom (RS) Clear

Zoe's photos


Litter "S"

Two girls and two boys

Girl - red (reserved)

Girl - violet (reserved)

Boy - blue (reserved)

Boy - green (reserved)

Litter "S", which we have planned is to get fast, agile, strongly focused on their work, very intelligent, with beautiful body build puppies. While choosing parents we wanted their children to have great predispositions to all kinds of sports, we are keeping our fingers crossed that they inherit charming, cuddly and nice character, but most of all that they are healthy, to reduce the risk of any diseases. So that life with them in adulthood, with proper training and socialization will be just a pleasure, without unnecessary stress and suffering. With all our hearts we want our puppies to go to the best possible homes, that know the needs of the breed and are aware of the health and behavioral problems that may happen among Borders. Dogs in our kennel are intended for active owners who love working with animals and have enough time to spend with their friend. In order to not waste the potential of puppies, with great pleasure we will be giving them to sports homes, that plan to develop with their dog in various disciplines either amateur or not. Border Collie needs a handler who will become his best friend, if you think that you are such a person we invite you to contact us!

We put a great effort in socialization and care for proper physical and mental development of our animals, we do our best to make sure that on the day of picking up, the puppies are in the best possible way prepared to leave their family home. Puppies will be available at the end of November or beginning of December, of course vaccinated and dewormed according to age, they will be after vet check-up and litter check-up. They will have health books, FCI registrations and necessary layette.

Scalpsie Karl ISDS 349249 - litter’s father from Misty Highland Kennel

His owner describes him:

"Karl is an amazing dog. Wonderful personality, easy going nature. Kind to everyone - people and dogs. Very reliable working dog, he works with sheep, goats and chickens. Very stylish and handler sensitive. Karl is very playful and sociable. He does very well in every environment. Very stable and reliable. Karl is very fast and flexible with very nice natural jumping style. He helps me in my dog training classes assisting with reactive dogs. He is perfect in managing rude and lunging dogs so he helps me in socializing them ."